Anybody with an ostomy knows that heart wrenching feeling of smelling your own ostomy output seeping out of your ostomy pouch. These are the moments that leave you feeling embarrassed for the rest of your life. You know, those moments that keep you up at night and replay in your head over and over again? Yes, those are the exact moments that I am talking about. Unfortunately for people who have an ostomy, these moments can happen a lot more than if it were just a normal person. That’s because people with ostomies are inherently more susceptible to embarrassment than normal people. I mean, it makes sense when you think about it. Having your internal organs rerouted and directed out the front of your abdomen into some weird medical pouch that catches your urine and feces is simply bizarre. And if that weren’t enough, you usually have to keep returning back to the hospital time and time again to deal with stoma related complications and other things like that. All in all, I do not envy any poor soul who has to live their life with the addition of a stoma coming out of them. However, I do happen to know that there are a lot of medical products and supplies out there that are made just for those types of people. Ostomy products have gotten pretty advanced as time has gone on and we’ve advanced as a species, so it makes sense that there are certain products that can prevent some of those super embarrassing moments from occurring.

One of those products that I would like to talk about today is known as the ostomy pouch deodorizer. Now this may sound like a pretty vague term to throw out, and you that would be because it is very vague. In fact, there are lots of different deodorizing products for ostomy pouches that come in all different shapes and sizes. Some ostomy pouch deodorizers are better for certain things, while other ostomy pouch deodorizers are better than others. All in all, however, it can be said that all these deodorizing products have one thing in common; they are helpful in keeping your ostomy pouch from smelling like a dumpster fire on a dry, summer’s day in California behind a Little Caesars. With all that being said, there are some important things that you should keep in mind about buying ostomy pouch deodorizer. One thing that I would like you to be informed of is that not all deodorizing products are good for your stoma. In fact, if you plan on using any old air freshener or deodorant spray, you better think again (that is, unless you want to wind up in the hospital with the worst pain of your life). Only specific deodorizing products that are made specially for ostomy pouches should ever be used. Otherwise, you run the risk of injuring yourself, damaging your stoma, and damaging your ostomy pouch system.

So if you are tired of being the laughing stock of your friend group because you can never get your ostomy pouch odor under control, it is time to take back that control my friend. What’s the point in suffering with embarrassing ostomy-related odor and having everyone make fun of you when you can just drop a few bucks here and there on some great ostomy pouch deodorizing products? That’s all from me.